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Nature of the organization: 


Saugaht  Foundation is a registered Trust

  • Registered Under Indian Trust Act 1882. Registration No.4352:Book-IV-21 Dated-12/05/2005 ( See the document )

  • Registered u/s 12 A(b) of Income Tax Act,1961:

       No- AALTS0639JE20214 - ( See the document )

  • Registered u/s 80G(vi) of Income Tax Act1961:

      No.- AALTS0639JF20211 ( See the document )

  • Registered Under Foreign Contribution (Regulation)  Act,2010, No. 337790040 Dated:15/02/ 2013 ( See the FCRA Certificate

  • Registered Under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (GOI) for undertaking CSR activities: No. CSR00032611, dated: 24-06-2022 (See the document)

  • PAN (Income Tax Dept.): AALTS0639J. Dated 11/05/2005 (See the PAN Card)                                                                              

  • Latest Governing Body ( See the document )

Legal Status: Welcome
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